Sunday, 30 August 2009

Let it begin!

Staring out of the window on a rather dull day to start a "Summer" project does seem rather ironic. However, not all is lost! As ive been asked to create conceptual drawings based on three rather open topics ('structures', 'life forms' and 'machines'), im sure I can indulge in some rather creative conjurations from the comfort of home. If the weather perks up, I shall take a trip outside to the meadows and local villages/towns to depict some wacky ideas. Currently im at my Mothers near Stratford Upon Avon. As theres wonky old Tudor Cottages in this area, rivers with Swans floating about underneath elegant draping Weeping Willows and many other evocative subjects, im sure inspiration is around every corner.

I'll keep this updated with my progress.